Printing Sleeves & Adapters for flexographic press | rotec®

Every single sleeve is tailor-made according to your needs …

XSYS manufactures rotec® sleeves and adapters customised for all flexo printing presses. And, there are a lot of specialties we can realise. Get in touch with our sales team and we will find the right solution for you.
XSYS offers various rotec® products:

  • rotec® sleeves – for flexo plate mounting
  • rotec® adapter – for bridging diameter differences between air cylinder and sleeve
  • rotec® H/C adapter – for mounting In-The-Round

Why choose rotec®?

rotec® sleeves and adapters have been in use around the world since 1990. With outstanding innovations and a continuous improvement process of sleeve technology, cost efficiency, service and ecological responsibility, rotec® sleeves and adapters became the number one in terms of effectiveness, reliability and convenience in daily practice.

rotec® sleeves

rotec® sleeves are high quality sleeves for conventional plate mounting. They allow flexo plate mounting outside the press and can be combined with various adapters.

  • Easy and reliable handling for all plate types
  • Tight tolerances (TIR < 0.025 mm)
  • Proven rotec® interior design of synthetic resin and glassfibre compound
  • High durability and stability

rotec® adapters

rotec® adapters are high performing adapters to reduce the wall thickness of printing sleeves. They are tailor-made according to the customer specifications. Choose a rotec® adapter for bridging diameter differences between air cylinder and sleeve.
The perfect fit for every cylinder configuration – sophisticated air flow system and extremely low tolerances

  • Quick set-up times, easy handling and cost saving
  • Optimal air flow for easy mounting of sleeves
  • Suitable for conventional cylinder presses and quick change cantilevered machines

rotec® H/C adapters

rotec® H/C adapters are used for mounting In-The-Round photopolymer sleeve. For optimal print results combine nyloflex® ITR Classic with rotec® H/C adapters or rotec® adapters. nyloflex® ITR Thin is proven in combination with rotec® H/C adapters.

  • Exclusive compressible surface for optimum printing quality combining screen and full tone printing within one colour
  • Consistent printing results with long life, standardised quality guarantees constant printing conditions for large orders or repeat orders
  • Easy mounting of printing sleeves using compressed air
    Quick set-up times and easy handling