Polymount International is the absolute market leader in plate cleaning machines. The Polymount Plate Cleaner is designed and built in their own factory and is renowned for its robust build and relaibility. The Polymount Plate Cleaner cleans and dries plates in 5 to 10 minutes. This means you can work 6 to 8 times faster compared with manual cleaning, plus the guarantee of an outstanding result.

With the S2T, M2T, L2T, XL2T and XXL2, you have a choice of five different types. Our specialists can provide you with excellent advice on this.

Robust and relaible
• Automatic cleaning and drying
• Cost-effective, efficient and user-friendly
• Sustainable and eco-friendly
• Worldwide support and maintenance

2 directions    

The Polymount plate cleaner operates in 2 directions, making it a unique machine. No other machine cleans and dries both ways. If you want the maximum life out of your printing plates.

Acquiring a Plate Cleaner
Thinking of acquiring a Polymount Plate Cleaner and looking for a suitable model or would you like to receive more information? Contact us, we look forward to hear from you.